Season 1, Episode 1.1
Air date 9th November 2009
Written by Miranda Hart
Directed by Juliet May
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Date is the first episode of Series 1 of the comedy show Miranda (Show)


Miranda bumps into her old friend Gary, who is working in the restaurant next door as the new chef. When he asks her out for a drink, she gets overexcited by the prospect of her first real date and decides it's time to try to be more girly. She goes shopping for a new outfit to impress Gary, but her makeover doesn't go quite to plan.


Miranda opens the show expressing how her mother (Penny) tried to give her away for marriage in public, how she spent all her money opening a joke shop which her best friend (Stevie) mistakenly runs who has an near impossible ambition to take it global and how she's excited to see a friend (Gary) who she has had bad experience with in the past involving her skirt falling down whilst dancing with him in a nightclub.


Story NotesEdit

  • This is the first episode of the series

Filming LocationsEdit


  • TBA

DVD and Other ReleasesEdit

  • TBA

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